Welcome to WorklogsJira: Simplifying Time Tracking in Jira

Worklogs Jira is more than just an app; it’s your essential tool for streamlining the time-tracking process in Jira.

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v.2.2.3Minor fixes03/05/2024
v.2.2.2Delete password option02/22/2024
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Forget about complex time-tracking processes. WorklogsJira simplifies this task, allowing you to log your worked hours quickly and accurately.

1- Go to Settings and set params. You should complete almost all params.
* Put user and toke(Basic auth has been disabled)
* Put Url’s Jira – For ex: or (Note: you don’t have to put a slash in the final URL)
* Set daily hours – For ex: 7h or 8h or 8.5h.
2- Finally, you must Save the parameters in the below button. (If you can set a specific param at another moment, it doesn’t necessarily fill all fields again)WorklogsJira Set Hours
3- On the main screen have two options: load and log the work of Jira
* Load Work: You have to write the task/issue in the Task’s field
* Log Work: You have to write different fields such as the task, the hour, the start date , and repetitions (this field is optional)
* Note: The calendar and the hour’s field are set by maximum daily hours in settings. – For ex: If you put 8h but in the settings, that day is 7h, you’ll log 7h.
4- You can watch all tasks/issues on the Dashboard screenWorklogsJira Dashboard
WorklogsJira’s Steps